Welcome to Ayesha Restaurant & Pub

Ayesha restaurant & pub one of Bentota’s oldest and most popular seafood restaurants. Ayesha restaurant & pub is known worldwide for its tasty seafood but it also offers Thai, Chinese,Sri Lankan and International cuisines.The restaurant’s stunning location provides panoramic views of the Bentota river and with direct access.

Foods and Services in the restaurant managed by our well trained chef and crush your thirst from the bar with cocktails, chill beers and fresh fruit juices. Our professionally trained and friendly staff are here to cater for your every need.


We are committed to bringing you the best quality ingredients and we take great pride in exceeding your expectations. We prepare each dish with the highest degree of care and with your specific preferences in mind.” Where possible, we support products grown or raised locally in order to reflect the style and pride of our region and we hope that you enjoy what our region has to offer.


Indulge yourself with dishes from our chef.

Versatile cuisine for every taste.

There is so much to love about Ayesha Restaurant & Pub we have given much attention to the overall ambiance of our restaurants since we believe that a cozy ambiance quintessential for a rich dining experience apart from the food. a restaurant is graded on its staffs quality and service. Ayesha Restaurant & Pub is fortunate to a house of very enthusiastic group of people those invested in the satisfaction of our customers with its jaw dropping seafood.